The Natural Elegance Of Vacheron Constantin’s New Watch

The new Patrimony Contemporaine is a small-sized model in rose gold or white gold, exuding its natural elegance. Its gentle beating mechanical ‘heart’ is a Calibre 1400 manual winding mechanical movement, completely developed by Vacheron Constantin and cast the prestigious Hallmark of Geneva. This new creation adds a unique timeless charm to the Vacheron Constantin women’s watch series.
   The bright cut diamond edging makes the watch’s slim profile of 6.7 mm more pure and elegant, and time flows in the perfectly curved 36 mm diameter case.
   The gold case is paired with a milky silver-plated dial, and the long hour markers on the 18-karat gold-dot beaded minute scale circle are particularly prominent, creating an easy visual rhythm effect. The gentle passing surface of the hands conveys its pursuit of streamlined modern classicism, demonstrating the exquisite skills of Vacheron Constantin and its firm determination to shape the elegant model of watches and clocks.