With Sarah Atcho, Run Faster And Run Farther!

Le Méridien is proud to welcome the hopeful of Swiss track and field, sprinter Sarah Atcho, to join the brand’s best friends.

   SarahAtcho has just been invited by the Swiss Athletic Federation to participate in the 4X100m Relay and 200m World Championships held in Doha from September 28th to October 6th.

   She is also an Olympic torchbearer for the Youth Olympic Games today in Morges …

   During a visit to the Saignelégier watch factory, the champion explored the dazzling collection of Le Méridien watches. ‘I like various styles to complement each other and complement each other! I like to dress myself, and I can switch between the iconic AIKON series and the purely simple Eliros series watches, which makes me very happy! And these watches are lightweight and wear them There is no problem with running. ‘The variety of styles and the design of the strap that can be easily changed with the help of the EasyChange system has made this young woman excited:’ This idea is wonderful! Today’s watches can also serve as fashion accessories! These The work is rich in style and reasonable in price. It coincides with my expectations for modern watchmaking! ‘During the workshop visit, Sarah was impressed by the precise and meticulous process. ‘Everything is in order, reminding me of my track and field sports. Because every action in the running is very important, every minute counts.’