Wrist Stunning Blancpain Strap Record

Dressing for the cool summer season is the best opportunity for watch lovers to show their wrist watch. Raising your hand to get your feet caught everyone’s attention, in addition to the dial color, the size of the lugs and the shape of the bezel, there is also a 360-degree strap close to the skin! Whether it’s elegant leather or cool metal, black and white simple or colorful, the choice of strap is very important for the watch’s appearance.

   For the choice of strap, everyone will have their own preferences, and some details that are easy to ignore are often the places where people care most. Because of this, the brand’s exquisite and unique craftsmanship is embedded in each strap, which is no less than the watch making itself, perfecting the details.

   According to BLANCPAIN, a Swiss watch brand with a long history of 281 years, only the most exquisite straps are worthy of the highest-end watches. Below, let’s experience Blancpain’s sincerity and ingenuity in making straps.

Blancpain 6104 watches are available in a variety of materials
Leather strap with the ultimate craftsmanship and elegant aesthetics

The alligator strap of each Blancpain watch is unique from leather grain to hand-stitched

   No perfect watch can lack the backing of the strap. A finely crafted and well-made leather strap is a symbol of high quality and luxurious taste. Most of Blancpain’s leather straps are made of crocodile leather from the Mississippi. After selecting the finest leather, Blancpain’s artisans will first individually dye and tan the leather.

The alligator strap of each Blancpain watch is unique from leather grain to hand-stitched

   Of course, this is just the beginning of making the perfect strap. In order to achieve a more exquisite leather texture, Blancpain accurately classifies alligator leathers of various sizes and shapes, with the right size and strict and orderly craftsmanship, to present its beauty. It is worth mentioning that the backing of the Blancpain strap is also sewn to the same standard. It must be made of a material that does not cause skin sensitivity, such as the Alzavel calfskin or rubber lining commonly used by Blancpain.

Blancpain Villeret classic 6025-3642-55B alligator leather strap

   After that, Blancpain cut each crocodile leather strap by hand, carefully selected the harmonious pattern for the next full manual sewing, and cooperated with a special backing treatment to prevent the band edge from loosening and disintegrating. occur. At this point, the standard strap of Blancpain was finally born.

In addition to its own strap, the Blancpain 6102 watch set is also provided with 4 straps for matching

   The craftsmanship of ordinary leather straps is already complicated enough, and the leather straps of the Chiron and Sakura Orphan watches launched in 2016 are even more distinguished. The time required to make the strap itself is 10 to 20 hours. After the production is complete, wait for a certain period of time for the glue used to assemble the strap and color to completely solidify until the final color is completed. This complete procedure took up to 30 days.

The strap of the Blancpain watch (solitary item) takes 30 days to complete

A practical and ornamental dive strap

   Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms diving watch is the ultimate choice for diving enthusiasts. The strap material used is mainly divided into two types: marine canvas strap and NATO military NATO strap.
   The nautical canvas material has been in use since its birth in 1952, and has become one of the important symbols of Blancpain’s ‘Underwater Warrior’.

In addition to its nautical canvas strap, the Blancpain 500 Hipster Kit for 2009 also comes with a well-designed strap replacement tool, which can be replaced with a complimentary rubber strap

   Nautical canvas has the characteristics of sweat-absorbent, easy to clean and wear-resistant. Blancpain’s nautical canvas strap is equipped with a rubber lining, which enhances toughness while preventing allergies and improving wearing comfort. Compared with the ordinary rubber strap, the nautical canvas strap has a more stylish texture. During the wearing process, the strap will record the baptism of elapsed time with the owner of the watch, leaving an especially precious exclusive mark.

Blancpain watch

   The ‘NATO strap’ specially designed for diving, also known as the NATO military strap, has the characteristics of light weight and quick-drying. It is widely used because of the special structure of the double-layer strap-the main body of the watch is equipped with a non-slip drop buckle. In military practice, even if the strap is pulled, as long as it does not pass through the lug needle part, the watch body will not slip off. In addition, the NATO strap is thin and durable, and still maintains excellent performance in dirty and wet environments.

   Every man has a soldier’s dream in his heart. They are unruly by nature, love adventure, and are full of heroism. Even though modern watches no longer need to meet the harsh and harsh environmental requirements of the war years, the NATO straps for retro feelings still have a large number of fans, and a crappy military strap on the wrist is a symbol of men’s blood.

Tough and attractive metal strap

Blancpain Fifty Fathom Automatic
   Stainless steel straps have always been the first choice for low-key, tough people. When summer comes, the stainless steel strap is also more refreshing than the leather or rubber strap, and it is easier to maintain and repair after sweating. Watches equipped with a stainless steel strap can be used for both high-end business meetings and daily casual outfits, allowing the wearer to save effort and effort.

 Blancpain Villeret Classic Series Eight-Day Long-Power Full-Calendar Moon Phase Watch

   When the stainless steel strap is not enough to satisfy the wearer’s expression of quality and status, elegant and gorgeous red gold straps have become the most popular choice. The carefully designed and polished strap of Blancpain exudes unparalleled luxury and nobility. No matter where you are, the dazzling light on your wrist will become the focus of the audience.

Set off a woman’s elegant and gorgeous silk strap

Blancpain Women’s Ultra-thin Big Three-Hand Watch

   The silk strap is a strap material exclusively for women. It is soft and noble, which can bring out the feminine elegance. Blancpain’s silk strap has a fine texture, excellent workmanship, and a variety of colors to choose from. It can be easily matched with clothes to show its charming charm.

Blancpain Ladybird

   The small dial of the watch itself is magnified by the delicate silk strap. The soft and flexible material meets women’s needs for watches in terms of breathability and comfort, and can fit the wrist more naturally. It is one of the essential accessories for fashionable and elegant women to attend various occasions.